Department Faculty

Sr. NoName of FacultyDesignationQualificationTotal Experience
1Prof. S M RokadeAssociate ProfessorPhD(Pursuing),M.E.(CSE)21.5 Years
2Prof. Shedge K. N.HOD & Assistant ProfessorPhD (Pursuing),M. Tech (CSE)9 Years
3Dr.Banchhanidhi DashAssistant ProfessorPhD (CSE) ,M-Tech(Computer Science)9 Years
4Prof.S.V.LondheTraining and Placement OfficerM.E.(Process Instrumentation)19.7 Years
5Prof. Gagare G. J.Assistant ProfessorM.Tech. (Computer Engineering)11 Years
6Prof. Tambe P. S.Assistant ProfessorM.E. (Computer Engineering)7.4 Years
7Prof. Patole U. R.Assistant ProfessorM. Tech. CSE7 Years
8Prof. Thosar D. S.Assistant ProfessorPhD (Pursuing),M. E. (Software Engineering)7 Years
9Prof.Bhosale R. B.Assistant ProfessorM.E.(Computer Engineering)6 Years
10Prof.Butkar U.DAssistant ProfessorPhD (Pursuing),M. E. (Software Engineering)6.6 Years
11Prof.Dhokane R.MAssistant ProfessorM.E.(Computer Engineering)6 Years
12Prof. Tambe P.M.Assistant ProfessorM.E. (Computer Engineering)4.5 Years
13Prof.Aher P.SAssistant ProfessorM.E.(Computer Engineering)4.5 Years
14Prof. Bhalerao R. S.Assistant ProfessorM.E. (Computer Engineering)4 Years
15Prof.Vikhe N.BAssistant ProfessorM.E.(Computer Engineering)3.8 Years
16Prof.Puri C.G.Assistant ProfessorM.E.(Computer Engg.)1 Years
17Prof.Chavan P.A.Assistant ProfessorM.E.(Computer)1 Years
18Prof.Aher T. P.Assistant ProfessorM.E.(Computer Engineering)0.6 Years
19Mr. Shinde S. B.Technical AssistantDiploma in Computer Technology10 Years
20Mrs. Jagtap S. V.Technical AssistantDiploma in Computer Technology9.6 Years
21Mrs. Deshmukh V. V.Technical AssistantDiploma in E & TC AMIE(Pursuing)8.6 Years
22Mr. Bhoi KunalPeonH.S.C.9 Years