Extra-curricular & Co-curricular Activities

Seminar Organized

Sr. NoAcademic YearSeminar TopicExpert Name
13 Sep 2015Basic C ProgrammingMr. Ashish Jain
216 Jul 2015Embedded System DesignMr. Abhijit Dhengle
317 Jul 2014Fun and Learn –Test and Measuring Instruments1) Vishwadeep Nanda 2) Loveesh Jaiswal 3) Pallavi Chaudhari
42017-18Guidance on Competitive Exam.Mr. Sandeep Pandangale (Assistant Engineer grade-1, PWD, Navapur)
52017-18Internet of thingsMr. Nilesh Dalavi (Team Sr. Engineer, Infinityflair Ltd, Nashik)
Mr. Rahul Gupte (. )
621 Sep 2015Introduction to LatexProf. P. T. Chaudhari
726 Aug 2014Introduction to MATLABPrasad Kalane
831 Jul 2015Introduction to PLC and Industrial AutomationMr. PrabhakarGawali
92017-18Manufacturing LED LightsMr. Sagar Tajanpure (Electronut Component pvt.ltd)
107 Sep 2015Need of Electronics in IndustryMr. Sanjay A. Chaudhari
1117 Jul 2015 - 20 Jul 2015PICMr. Abhijit Dhengle
125 Aug 2014PIC 18F4550 microcontrollerRahul Darke
139 Sep 2015Role of PLC in industryMr. Nikhil Bhor

Guest Lectures Organized

Sr. NoDateTopic NameExpert Name
18/8/2014Group Discussion CompetitionProf.S.V.Londhe, Prof.Amol Kare, Prof.Aware
228/1/2015GATE Exam conducted for BE StudentsProf. S. R. Kale

Workshop Organized

Sr. NoDateTopic NameExpert Name
13 Aug -10 Aug 2014Advanced training in cadence softwareCADENCE Pvt. Ltd.
220 Aug 2014ni2-TakeOffni2-Designs Ltd.

Paper published/Presented by Staff details

Staff NamePaper TitleJournal TitlePublished Year
Prof. Ulhas V. PatilA Survey on Public Auditing for Shared Data with Efficient User Revocation in the CloudInternational Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering2016
Dr. S B UmbarkarCognitive Radio An Intelligent Wireless SystemInternatinal journal of Innovative research in sciene,Engineering and technology2016
 The detection of Urea, Sugar, Sodium Chloride, and Measurement of PH Parameter in the MilkInternational Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering2016
Prof. Archana. A. HatkarAnalysis of 8 Bit RCA Adder at different Nanometer RegimeInternational Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics2016
 PVT Analysis of 8 bit SOI based RCA adder with conventional MOSFET at 32 nanometer regimeInternational conference on power energy information and communication2016
Prof. Liladhar. P. BhamarePrinted Circular Patch AntennaInternational Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Research (ISSN NO. 2349-9574) , Page no. 695-6992016
Prof. Prashant S. BibaveBistatic forward looking using SAR imagingInternational Journal of innovative research in computer & communication engineering2015
 GSM Based digital fuel meter &fuel theft detection using PIC controllerInternational Journal of advanced research in science engineering & technology2016
Prof. Priyanka. A. ChaudhariLight sensor based information transmission systemIOSR 1.39831 Jan 2015
 Label inspection system using LABVIEWIJARECE 4.447Mar 2015
Prof. Trupti K. WableAccessible design display to control home area networkIIRCTE 4.44703 Mar 2015
Mr.Tushar. D.LuteSafe landing area detection for aeroplaneIJSRD 1.82Jun 2015
Mrs.Hase S. V.Information transmission systemIJSRD 1.82May 2015

Seminar or workshop attended by Staff details

Staff NameName of Seminar/WorkshopAttended Year
Prof. Snehal. S.SomwanshiIEEE sponsored ICECS 14 Multi rate transmission using code flexible FH cdma for fading channels13 - 14 Feb 2014
 EPGCON22 Nov 2014
 eSIM faculty meet22 Aug 2015
Prof. Rana S. MahajanCadence Bundle-54 - 14 Aug 2014
 Embedded Linux with ARM912 - 14 Aug 2015
Prof. Priyanka. A. ChaudharieSIM faculty meet22 Aug 2015
 EPGCON22 Nov 2014
 PU Syllabus detail ling for ME course15 Jan 2014
 Analog Electronics23 Aug 2013
 Computer Networking26 - 27 Dec 2013
Prof. Trupti K. WableCombating fading effect4 - 14 Jul 2013
Mr.Tushar. D.LuteAdvances in MIcrocontroller23 Oct 2014
 Hands On Embedded Processors20 Jan 2015