Extra-curricular & Co-curricular Activities

Seminar Organized

Sr. NoAcademic YearSeminar TopicExpert Name
12017-18Android DevelopmentMr. Prakash A Khande (CEO, Emerging Technology , Nashik)
22014-15Big DataMr. Punit Saxnena (Spectrum Analysis, Mumbai)
32013-14Cyber Crime and SecurityMr. Harnold Dcousta (Head, Cyber Consultant for Maharashtra Police.)
Mr. Parashare
42015-16Ethical HackingMr. Mahesh Pawar (CCNA &amp
CCNP Nashik)
NRT, Nashik
52017-18Internet of ThingsMr. Nilesh Dalavi (Team Sr. Engineer, Infinityflair Ltd, Nashik)
Mr. Rahul Gupte (. )
62014-15Object Oriented Programming Mr. K. S. Mundada
72017-18Software TestingMr. Rajiv Shirsalkar (CEO, Lo tech Ltd)
82015-16State Level Seminar on "STRESS MANAGEMENT" Sponsored by SPPU,PuneDr.Sachin Parab
92013-14Stress ManagementDr. Rakesh Jadhav (President Youth Human Resources)
B. K. Poonam Didiji (Member of Prajapita Bramhakumaris)
Dr. Shankar Borade

Guest Lectures Organized

Sr. NoDateTopic NameExpert Name
126/9/2012Hardware Lab (MPMC)Prof. Swati Bhonde (AVCOE, Sangamner)
223/8/2015Hardware Troubleshooting & MaintenanceMr. Lohkare A. S. (ICEL Soft, Sydney)

Workshop Organized

Sr. NoDateTopic NameExpert Name
12012-13Microprocessor and Micro Controller-
22013-14Workshop on MATLAB-
42013-14Network Simulator 3Mr. Chetan Puri
52014-15LaTeXMr. Chetan Puri
62014-15MicroprocessorProf. Prashant B. Vikhe (PREC, Loni)
729th & 30th January,2016National Level Workshop on "Hadoop+Python+MongoDB" Sponsored by SPPU,Pune.Mr.Sachin Jadhav, Mr.Ganesh Bhosale, Mr.Ganesh Joshi, Mr.Vaijnath Jadhav.
829th to 31st August 2017CISCO Networking & Cyber SecurityMr.Abhijit Bakale ,Sr. Network Engineer, lemures technologies

Paper published/Presented by Staff details

Staff NamePaper TitleJournal TitlePublished Year
Prof. S M RokadeDigital Copyright Protection for MultimediaIJARIIE2017
 Multi-Cloud Environment Cryptosystem for Scalable Data SharingIJIFR-
 Crypto-Arithmetic Problem using Parallel Genetic Algorithm (PGA)IJMER2012
 Finding DOS Attack Detection Using Multivariate Correlation AnalysisIJIFR-
  Multicloud Architecture to enhance security and privacy cPGCON 201513 Feb /14 Feb 2015
 Solving Verbal Crypto-Arithmetic Problem by Parallel Genetic AlgorithmIJCTEE2012
 Multicloud Architecture To Enhance Security And PrivacyIJIFR2014
 Multi-cloud Environment Cryptosystem for Scalable Data Sharing IJIFR2014
 Virtualization Technique to Optimize Cloud Resources for Delivering Secured and Simplified IPTV ServiceIJCSMC2015
 Finding DoS Attack Detection using Multivariate Correlation AnalysisIJIFR2014
 A Novel Graphical Password Based Authentication Method using CAPTCHAIJIFR2015
 Multicloud Architecuter To Enhancce Security And Privacy by using attribute based encryptionIJMER2015
 A review on Hybrid Approach For Game tree search on GPU And CPUIJARCCE2015
 Carp : Cptcha As A Graphical Password Based Authenticaiton SchemeIJARCCE2016
 Word Segmntation Method For Hand written documents Based On Structed LearningIRJET2016
 Advertisement Recommendation Using Social MediaIJIR2017
 Mobile Theft Tracking ApplicationIRJET2017
 Data Hiding Techniques in Video for Data SecurityIJIRSET2016
 Analyzing The Views And Review In A Cross Languages FrameworkICRRDSEM2016
 Review Persual In A Cross Language FrameworkICETC2016
 Institute Staff Managment Using Android PhoneIJIR2016
Dr.Banchhanidhi DashCyber Emotion Extraction Using Intrinsic And Extrinsic Domains: An Aid For Product Aspect RankingIJIRCCESep,2016
 Different Approaches For The Removal Of Different Valued Salt And Pepper Noise In Images Using Spartan 3IJARCCEJan 2016
 Extraction And Analysis Of Cuber Emotions: A Tool For Global MarketingJRRETJan 2016
 Multimedia Based Information Retrival Approach For Lecture Video Indexing Based On Video Segmentation And Optical Character RecognitionIJARCCEFeb 2016
 Towards Effective Troubleshooting With Data TruncationIJARCCEFeb 2016
Prof.S.V.LondheCloud Based Service Migration with QoSIJETER2016
 E-Farming an Interface for Indian FarmingIRJET2015
 Review of Local Multipoint Distribution SystemIJCTEE2013
 Cloud based mobile service delivery using QoS MechanismIJMER (I.F.2.86)Apr 2014
 QoS Based service populating for cloud based mobile appsElsevier (I.F. 5.004)Dec 2014
  QoS Based Service populating for cloud based mobile apps IJCSIT (I.F. 2.4)Mar 2014
Prof. Gagare G. J.Autonomous Encoding of Packets Against Jamming Attacks in Wireless NetworksIJEATE2013
 Autonomous Encoding of Packets in Wireless Sensor NetworkIJEATE2014
 A Powerful Technique for Maintaining Privacy of Images on Content Sharing SitesIJARIIE2017
 Android Application For Single Phase Motor Control Using IVRS & GSM System.IJARIIE2017
 A Powerful Technique for Maintaining Privacy of Images on Content Sharing SitesIJARIIE2016
Prof. Tambe P. S.Remote Automatic Meter Reading System with Instant Billing for MSEBIJETSTApril 2014
 Obstacle Detection Using Mono Vision Camera And Laser Scanner IJRETDec 2013
 An Execution Of Intrusion Detection System By Using Genetic AlgorithmIJIFRJun 2014
 Bus Tracking and Bus Failure Detection System Using GPSIRJETOct-2015
 Secure kNN Query Processing in Entrusted Cloud EnvironmentsAsian Journal of Convergence in TechnologyApr 2014
 User Controlling System Using LANAsian Journal of Convergence in TechnologyApr 2014
 User Monitoring System Using LANConvergence of Technology – 2014 (IEEE Conference)Apr 2014
 A Survey on Secured Biometrics Based Automatic Voting MachineIJIRCCEFeb-2016
  User Monitoring System Using LAN International Conference on Convergence of Technology – 20146 Apr -8 Apr 2014
 Detecting Malicious Facebook Applications Using Machine Learning Algorithm IJIR2017
 Social Set Analysis: A New Approach to Big Data AnalysisIJIR2017
Prof. Patole U. R.Multi-Decision Tree Based Intrusion Detection System IJSETRJuly 2015
 Cooperative Machine Learning For Intrusion Detection System IJSERJan 2014
 An Efficient Nearest Keyword Set Search in Multidimensional DatasetIRJET2016
 Intelligent Traffic Signal Controller Using RFIDIJARIIE2017
Prof.Butkar U.DA Survey On: Android System For Public ServicesIRJET2016
 TGI Module For Social Tagging SystemIJARCET2014
 ASPAS: An Android ApplicationIJIFR2017
Prof.Dhokane R.MBuzyBeeNewz: Android Application for News Recommendation IJARIIE2017
Prof. Tambe P.M.Public Auditing Of Dynamic Big Data StorageIJIFR2016
 Face Detection, Recognization And Tracking From VideoIJIFR2016
 Pedestrian Detection by Fusing 3D Points and Color ImagesIJARIIE2017
 Universal Network of Intelligent Traffic SystemIJSRD2017
 Data Sharing In Cloud Storage by Using Key-Aggregate CryptosystemC-PGCON 20142014
 Public key Cryptosystem for Scalable Data Sharing In Cloud StorageIJIFR2015
 Securely Sharing Of Data with Others in Cloud Storage Using Public–Key Cryptosystem IJCSIT2015
 Public-Key Encryption Scheme for Scalable Data Sharing with others in Cloud StorageIJIFR2015
 Public Key Cryptosystem for Scalable Data Sharing In Cloud ICSIT2015
Prof. Bhalerao R. S.Segment-Based Real Time Event Extraction From Twitter Using Named Entity Recognition & Microsoft Web N-Gram ServicesIJIFR2015
 Web Based Admission SystemIJEATE2013
 Extract User Tweet Post Location & Detect Social and Disastrous event using NER & POS TagsIJECE2016
Prof.Vikhe N.BVideo Scene Text Deblurring Using Text-Specific Multiscale Dictionaries: A Survey IJSETR2015
Prof.Puri C.G.Content Based Smart Crawler For Efficiently harvesting Deep Web InterfaceIJARIIE2017
 A Literature Review on Bug Triage with Software Data Reduction TechniquesIJMETR2016
 Bug Triage With Software DataIJARCET2016

Seminar or workshop attended by Staff details

Staff NameName of Seminar/WorkshopAttended Year
Prof.Vikhe N.BOperating System Design26 Jun 2014
Prof.Chavan P.A.Operating System Design26 June 2014
Prof.Aher T. P.FPL IAug 2013
Mr. Shinde S. B.PL-III &PL-IV6 - 7 Feb 2015